2NDNATURE Announces participation in The Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy

Today, I’m proud to announce that 2NDNATURE has been selected to participate in the 2019 class of The Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. The program consists of ten innovative tech startups poised to disrupt the conservation space and drive sustainable change. We are honored to be part of this elite group of environmental innovators.

This opportunity underscores the tremendous potential ahead for 2NDNATURE to contribute to developing blueprints to address the growing environmental challenges facing our cities. By 2050, urban populations are expected to grow to nearly 70 percent. Population growth is far outpacing the usefulness of our aging stormwater infrastructure and as a result, managing the impacts of urban runoff is now a leading environmental challenge facing every city.

Working on urban stormwater for years, I envisioned 2NDNATURE science playing a pivotal role in solving these looming challenges by focusing on two fundamental questions: How can we manage healthier more resilient cities? How can the Clean Water Act be implemented to play a central role to protect urban waterways?

2NDNATURE believes the answer to both questions is the same: By providing leadership.

Leading the Way: Green Stormwater is the Foundation for Healthy Cities

Techstars and The Nature Conservancy will help 2NDNATURE grow and scale to bring transparency and accountability to urban land management and accelerate green stormwater infrastructure. At the same time, I am looking forward to working with recognized conservation leaders that share our vision for clean water and leveraging stormwater as an asset.

August Ritter, The Nature Conservancy’s Program Director for the Sustainability Accelerator summarized our participation in the program by stating that “we searched the world for the best technology teams solving food, water and climate challenges and are excited to have 2NDNATURE as one of the 10 companies in this year’s Sustainability Accelerator. The Accelerator is looking forward to assisting 2NDNATURE as they work tirelessly to reduce the fastest growing source of pollution in our waterways – stormwater.”

“Reinventing the quality of our urban waterways and stormwater systems requires new data-driven solutions,” said Zach Nies, Managing Director of The Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. “Over the past few years, 2NDNATURE has become the gold standard for stormwater management by harnessing sound science, best practices and powerful analytics. We are excited to partner with 2NDNATURE to ensure that our cities have the most innovative technology to track the progress of its stormwater programs, drive meaningful change and realize the promise of a healthy and sustainable future.”

The Road Ahead

I am tremendously excited about what comes next. Every city and county across the United States are looking to streamline compliance with NDPES permits, centralize their program data and better communicate opportunities to improve their stormwater systems and effect change.

Our partnership with Techstars and the Nature Conservancy will accelerate our shared vision of leveraging science and technology to build healthier cities.

The community must play a pivotal role for this vision to succeed. As leaders we must also continue to educate the public about their role as environmental stewards of their neighborhoods and understand the tremendous value sustainable stormwater management brings to urban resiliency and our quality of life. Our science based technology can help educate the community and their elected officials to inform better decisions. We must continue to collaborate, partner and find creative solutions and accessible science and clean water accounting are a critical start.

I’m extremely proud of the 2NDNATURE team and so excited for the upcoming partnership journey with The Nature Conservancy and Techstars.