Green Stormwater Infrastructure at AWRA 2021 Virtual Summer Conference

Connecting Land & Water for Healthy Communities

Catch the 2NDNATURE Software team at our special session on Green Stormwater Infrastructure on Day 3 of the AWRA virtual Conference.

We will discuss how stormwater compliance can be a catalyst for social and environmental equity. Data modelling can help manage and maintain structural BMPs, urban outfalls, track pollutant load reduction, enable flood mitigation, manage urban litter reduction, illicit discharge and more. This knowledge gained from a digitally-managed stormwater program like BMP performance can strategically guide green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) investments and more.

Implementation of green stormwater infrastructure at scale also aligns with climate change resiliency goals to increase urban nature-based solutions, put rain back in the ground, and reduce urban heat islands and is expected to result in measurable greenness and hydrologic changes. We will discuss a recent partnership with The Nature Conservancy where we evaluated the influence of urban greening efforts on hydrologic metrics in 614 watersheds across the United States and present results that provide insights to the trends in urban greenness changes across the US.

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