Center for Watershed Protection National Watershed & Stormwater Conference 2021

2NDNATURE Software is excited to give two consecutive presentations at this year’s CWP National Watershed and Stormwater Conference!  We believe 2021 is the Year of Environmental Equity!

Presentation 1: Achieving Social Equity through Stormwater, Science, and a Digital Revolution
Jason Yoho, Chief Commercial Officer, 2NDNATURE Software, will discuss how social equity can be a major benefit of effective stormwater management and how, by the digitization of stormwater programs, cities can leverage the information generated from digital stormwater management platforms to guide where green infrastructure investments will have the biggest socioeconomic impact. This is especially exciting in light of the infrastructure plan that the Biden administration announced a few days ago, which includes historic investment in equity and environmental justice.

Presentation 2: Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing Stormwater Programs: How to Be Ready for Changes Ahead
Michelle Tanner, Senior Scientist and Customer Success Lead, 2NDNATURE Software, will discuss what a digital transformation is, and present city case studies that have transformed their stormwater programs with an information management overhaul. Cities have been able to not only consolidate their data storage systems, but also standardize data types, automate workflows and reports, and run advanced analytics in real-time.

Date and time: April 15th, 11:15a to 12:15p CT.