2NFORM Module

Municipal Maintenance

Super Title

Tools to keep your house in order

Build and maintain your O&M plan electronically to reduce and prevent polluted runoff from municipal operations reaching your waterways

Map your assets

Efficiently map and catalog public assets, as required by your MS4 permit.

Organize your work

Automated to-do lists help your team prioritize inspection and maintenance tasks.

Capture the right data

Intuitive forms are accessible from anywhere and ensure that field staff collect the required data every time.

Align maintenance priorities

Data-driven insights help you allocate resources where they are needed most.

Reduce risk of flooding

Use analytics to anticipate and prevent flooding.

Get pollution reduction credit

Demonstrate the connection between activities and pollutant removal

Manage your four fundamental requirements

Built-in capabilities

Streamlined compliance reporting

Mapping & GIS capabilities

Data-driven insights

Smartphones, not clipboards

Keep track of your work

Streamlined compliance reporting

Your compliance reports are automatically generated from the data you enter. No extra work or wasted time.

2NFORM stormwater compliance software inputs your numbers into narrative summaries for your annual reports

Better Together


As an Esri partner, we’ve taken great care to ensure you can leverage your stormwater data using the breadth of tools and functionality of ArcGIS. We built 2NFORM using ArcGIS APIs, SDKs, and capabilities. 2NFORM brings stormwater best practices and science to ArcGIS.

  • Inventory and inspect assets using ArcGIS Field Maps.
  • Inform and collaborate with your stakeholders and community using ArcGIS Hub or Hub Premium. Our experienced team is happy to assist you in configuring your public education & outreach website with ArcGIS Hub.
  • Share stormwater data with your department and organization. 2NFORM comes with our enhanced stormwater foundation template for your ArcGIS system. Developed by a team of stormwater practitioners and scientists, it helps you organize your programs’ geospatial data.

When paired together, 2NFORM and ArcGIS help accelerate your journey toward less polluted waterways, less flooding, and more resilient stormwater management.

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