Construction Stormwater Management

Manage construction site inspections easily

Construction sites can be heavy polluters. The silt and dirt that wash away from an improperly maintained construction site during a storm can reduce sewer capacity, deteriorate your structural assets, block catch basins, and decrease the volume of water a sewer can quickly handle — potentially causing flash flooding. Pollutants travel with that dirt and trash from construction sites and end up in waterways. 

Construction sites are notoriously difficult to keep track of, because they change so fast. And inspectors, especially third party contractors, may be slow at turning in reports, or leave out important information.

2NFORM solves these problems, with pre-set to-do lists that ensure you get all the data you need; free access for as many users as you need, including contractors; and the ability to collect signatures, issue citations, and track enforcement letters, right through the platform. 

With 2NFORM, you can:

  • Map of all of the construction sites in your MS4
  • See the phase and condition of each construction site
  • Set standardized data fields & to-do lists
  • Easily generate a clear, comprehensive annual report

Managing construction inspections made simple

Inspectors can: 

  • Fill out reports, including photos, on their mobile devices, on site
  • Sign off on reports electronically
  • Receive free training on the platform

You can: 

  • Issue citations and track enforcement letters
  • Easily manage follow-up inspections, when required
  • Learn which contractors run clean sites and which are repeat offenders

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