Native integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform

2NDNATURE is partnering with Esri to put cutting-edge software into the hands of municipalities. Together we leverage publicly available datasets, 2NDNATURE’s proven science, and Esri technology to enable municipalities to succeed.

Ensuring 100% open data

2Nform securely imports data directly from your ArcGIS Online Organization or ArcGIS Enterprise in order to run spatial modeling analyses on relevant data and to generate outputs that help you better manage your MS4 program. 2Nform results can be automatically pushed back to your Esri environment.

Empowering engagement

The data flow allows you to view, edit, and publish 2Nform data in a number of different spatial formats and Esri applications including Story Maps, Esri Hub Initiatives, ArcGIS Desktop, Dashboards, and mobile Apps. How much urban stormwater does California have?

Story Map

Startup Takes On Stormwater Management — and Salinas Gains Efficiency

Salinas implemented 2Nform to make data collection and management more efficient and to effectively communicate the benefits of its stormwater compliance program within and across city agencies.

Esri ArcNews Summer 2018

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