Structural Stormwater Assets

Identify assets, track quality control, and demonstrate progress towards your permit requirements

Structural stormwater assets — aka structural BMPs (Best Management Practices) — are a crucial part of stormwater programs. They do the important work of reducing peak flow from storms and filtering oils, chemicals, trash, and more from runoff, so you have less pollution in streams and rivers, and you can worry less about flash flooding. 

But they can be difficult to track, maintain, and report on. 

No matter what structural stormwater assets your city relies on — from bioswales to infiltration basins to sediment traps and more — with 2NFORM, we can help you identify and map your structural BMPs, track quality control, and easily report status and progress to regulators.

Do you know...

  • Your BMP locations and types?
  • Your BMP capacities and infiltration rates?
  • Your BMP maintenance schedule?
  • Your readiness for an 85% or 95% storm?

With 2NFORM, you can:

  • Map and categorize all BMPs in your MS4
  • Track capacities and infiltration rates for all BMPs
  • Create a regular maintenance schedule
  • Know how well prepared you are for the next big storm
  • Easily generate a clear, comprehensive annual report that shows your status and progress to regulators

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