Synthesis of Existing Information on Stormwater Infiltration BMPs

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Executive Summary excerpt

This synthesis is the initial task of a Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) funded effort to improve the technical guidance on how to optimize infiltration BMP implementation, design and maintenance strategies to protect beneficial uses and most effectively contribute to sustained FSP stormwater load reductions to Lake Tahoe. The technical research findings will be used to expand the existing TRPA BMP Handbook design and maintenance guidance for infiltration BMPs in the Tahoe Basin. This document intended to advise managers on the implementation and risks of infiltrating stormwater via infiltration BMPs in the Tahoe Basin by providing the scientific basis to support pollutantā€specific assessment of stormwater discharge to groundwater regulations; evaluating soil characteristics with the potential to affect subsurface pollutant transport; and identifying key factors influencing decline and failure of stormwater infiltration BMPs.