2NDNATURE for Regulators and Permitting Authorities

Based upon tested science and data-driven certainty, 2NDNATURE empowers regulators to objectively evaluate MS4 program effectiveness across disparate municipalities and states.

Optimize Outcomes Through Performance-Based Stormwater Management

With 2NDNATURE’s peer-reviewed methodologies, stormwater runoff, particulate loads and urban litter baseline conditions are produced to provide a standardized and consistent clean water accounting system. Regulators can meaningfully assess program effectiveness that is comparable over space and time — ultimately driving toward long-term livability goals.

Foster Communication and Collaboration

2NDNATURE enables municipalities and regulators to collaborate and communicate within a common reporting environment. Regulators can access customized dashboards of their permittees aggregated to MS4, watershed, or drainage scales. At the same time, regulators can view periodic reports and track progress against minimum control requirements and deficiencies. With a centralized source of the truth, both regulators and municipalities can replicate success by sharing BMPs across the U.S.

Strategically Plan Green Stormwater Assets

2NDNATURE creates opportunities to make long-term livability gains beyond improving water quality. Through accurate and informed reporting, regulators can partner with municipalities to accelerate green stormwater infrastructure investments that delivers multiple benefits for communities.

Apply to the 2NDNATURE SmartStart Digital Stormwater Pilot

State regulators are encouraged to apply to the 2NDNATURE SmartStart Digital Stormwater Pilot. This unique program is modernizing the MS4 compliance reporting process. As part of this pilot, regulators will assess how to streamline and improve the evaluation of clean water performance through cloud-based analytics and a centralized digital program management system.

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