New Insights & Trends Tab: Track Your Program’s Effectiveness

Have you struggled with how to address those pesky MS4 permit requirements to report the effectiveness of your minimum control measures? You’re not alone; we’ve heard this is a big challenge for all our users. And now you are in luck! We combined the structured data system of 2NFORM with our user’s great ideas to create the Insights & Trends tab: a new way to visualize and explore your stormwater program data to evaluate effectiveness.

What is the Insights & Trends tab?

Insights & Trends provides you with a simple, curated dashboard that allows you to visualize your data in new ways. Use this dashboard to uncover insights and trends for each of your programs, QA/QC for data entry errors, and manage data-driven programs.

By collaborating with our users to understand the critical questions that stormwater managers are asking of their data, we can curate dashboards to help answer these questions. 2NFORM’s Insights & Trends widgets and filters are pre-configured so you have program insights at your fingertips.

Insights & Trends for Illicit Discharge Incidents

Program effectiveness evaluation requires benchmarks to evaluate the ability of the program to accomplish objectives. The objective of the illicit discharge detection and elimination regulations are to eliminate the occurrence of non-stormwater flows.

Use the line chart to identify trends in the amount of requested incidents over time, plus compare your trends with previous reporting years.

Line chart showing cumulative total number of requested incidents, comparing 2019 to 2020

The bar chart and rankings identify the most common types of incidents that are occurring in your City. These results may help you focus your public educational and outreach materials and goals for the next year.

Insights & Trends bar chart for number of incidents and incident activity type chart

Use the four KPI widgets along the bottom to better understand your staff’s level of effort regarding investigation times to evaluate changes in the effectiveness of team resources.

KPI widgets that compare 2019 and 2020 levels of effort from stormwater staff

Insights & Trends vs. Annual Reporting

Insights & Trends and Annual Reporting both aggregate data for each program over the year into useful summaries and charts. However, unlike Annual Reporting, Insights & Trends is only available to you and your internal team; no regulator will have immediate access to these dashboards.

Insights & Trends also allows for the comparison and analysis between two reporting years, while Annual Reporting is focused on describing all the data and effort for a single year.

More Insights from 2NFORM Coming Soon

Insights into Illicit Discharge Incidents are just the beginning! Coming next are insights for Industrial/Commercial, Municipal Maintenance Catch Basins, Outfalls, and Structural BMPs. We are excited to bring you Insights & Trends to every minimum control measure module. Stay tuned!

As always, please let us know what you think in our feedback forum! We’re always open to new ideas from our users. Send us feedback!

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