2NFORM Module


Keep projects moving and stormwater clean

Organize and streamline permitting, inspection, and enforcement activities. Track each project’s compliance with MS4 requirements and standards. 

See all current construction projects — and past ones

Compile and manage a geospatial registry of all active and completed construction projects including documentation, inspection, and enforcement records.

Inspectors & contractors appreciate standardized forms

Comprehensive construction site runoff inspection protocols — built and improved with input from hundreds of inspectors, contractors, and program managers.

Collaborate with ease, online

Add the Collaboration Portal to enable contractors to review and respond to enforcements via the web, reducing both staff time and the risk of incomplete compliance documentation.

Keep up with the fast pace of construction sites


If our regulatory agency wants to know how many construction projects we have, where they’re located and the inspection and enforcement history, it’s easy to show them.”

Jean Cordova

Water Quality Section Manager | CDOT

Jean loves how 2NFORM is revolutionizing their construction site inspections — and helping them plan for the future, using built-in predictive analytics.

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Colorado highway with traffic

Built-in capabilities

MS4 compliance reporting

Mapping & GIS features

Data-driven insights

Smartphones, not clipboards

Schedule and track work

MS4 compliance reporting

2NFORM streamlines your MS4 annual report compilation efforts. 2NFORM tracks and analyzes all of your program activities throughout the year and summarizes them into the corresponding section of your MS4 permit. Automated short narratives, populated with your program details, concisely summarize your program progress over the year, including quantitative values calculated from your records within 2NFORM.


The embedded 2NDNATURE science provides you with quantified stormwater pollution reduction accounting to track and report the clean water impact of your program efforts.

2NFORM stormwater compliance software is built on Esri

Better together


As an Esri partner, we’ve taken great care to ensure you can leverage your stormwater data using the breadth of tools and functionality of ArcGIS. 2NFORM brings stormwater best practices and science to ArcGIS.
  • Inventory and inspect stormwater assets using ArcGIS Field Maps and 2NFORM mobile forms.
  • Inform and collaborate with stakeholders and the community using ArcGIS Hub or Hub Premium. 2NFORM makes it possible to incorporate data from your stormwater program into dynamic maps and dashboards. Our experienced team is happy to assist you in configuring your public education & outreach website with ArcGIS Hub.
  • Share stormwater data with your department and organization. 2NFORM comes with our enhanced stormwater foundation template for your ArcGIS system. Developed by a team of stormwater practitioners and scientists, it helps you organize your programs’ geospatial data.
When paired together, 2NFORM and ArcGIS help accelerate your journey toward less polluted waterways, less flooding, and more resilient stormwater management practices.

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