We design and build software that simplifies water resource management, planning, and reporting.

Our mission is to deliver actionable science to support sustainable water resource stewardship and resilient communities with healthy life quality for all.

Our History

Founded over a decade ago, 2NDNATURE Software strives to answer a critical question: “How can we quantify the benefits of investments intended to improve the health of aquatic systems?”

Having completed her PhD, founder and CEO, Nicole Beck, was working as a scientist to improve the water quality of Lake Tahoe where she grew frustrated with the broadly applied methods of monitoring and analysis that lacked the focus needed to solve the problem. Millions were invested in detailed studies and academic-level reports that rapidly lost their value sitting on the shelves.

Tahoe needed a way to collect and use data more efficiently to report if the sources of pollutants impairing the clarity of Lake Tahoe were decreasing in response to the billion dollar investment to do so.

Our Process

Experimental designs were not focused on the purpose of providing actionable information to the decisions makers who needed it most.

2NDNATURE Software’s science-driven software solutions embody our mission to create a defensible, scalable accounting system to measure progress towards water quality improvement goals. Since the beginning, we’ve been driven to develop solutions that embed robust science into the best designed analysis tools available to empower local land managers, public agencies and regulators to become top innovators in their field.