2NFORM for Cities and Municipalities

Make your city more climate resilient while meeting the requirements of your MS4 permit

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2NFORM stormwater compliance software brings digital disruption to your municipal stormwater maintenance

A digital transformation for stormwater management

Trade in your manual processes and field data sheets for a complete stormwater information management system. You’ll be amazed how much easier MS4 data collection and reporting can be when you incorporate digital tools into your team’s workflows..

MS4 Compliance doesn’t have to be so hard

Minimum Control Measures & More

Municipal Maintenance

Structural BMP Diagnostics

Trash Compliance

Illicit Discharge


Municipal Maintenance: Keep your house in order by inventorying assets and optimizing operations

Build and maintain your O&M plan electronically to reduce and prevent polluted runoff from municipal operations reaching your waterways. 


Organize the day-to-day tasks for the four fundamental requirements of your municipal maintenance program: catch basins, street sweeping, structural BMPs, and outfall inspections.


Asset Management isn’t the same as MS4 compliance tracking. It was a square peg that we were trying to fit into a round hole. 2NFORM speaks our language. This is software made for stormwater management."

Jared Tomlin

Stormwater Program Manager | Martinsburg, WV

Learn how Jared and his team are using GIS to transform the daily work of stormwater management.

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The Martinsburg stormwater team: Becca Russell, Jared Tomlin, and Chris Moats
2NFORM Works In Tandem with ArcGIS to Unlock Endless Possibilities

ArcGIS Integration

Better together

As an Esri partner, we’ve taken great care to ensure you can leverage your stormwater data using the breadth of tools and functionality of ArcGIS. 2NFORM brings stormwater best practices and science to ArcGIS. 

  • Inventory and inspect stormwater assets using ArcGIS Field Maps and 2NFORM mobile forms.
  • Inform and collaborate with stakeholders and the community using ArcGIS Hub or Hub Premium. 2NFORM makes it possible to incorporate data from your stormwater program into dynamic maps and dashboards. Our experienced team is happy to assist you in configuring your public education & outreach website with ArcGIS Hub.
  • Share stormwater data with your department and organization. 2NFORM comes with our enhanced stormwater foundation template for your ArcGIS system. Developed by a team of stormwater practitioners and scientists, it helps you organize your programs’ geospatial data.

When paired together, 2NFORM and ArcGIS help accelerate your journey toward less polluted waterways, less flooding, and more resilient stormwater management practices.

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Software purpose-built for municipal stormwater managers

Work smarter, with software that saves time and effort so that you can focus on the big picture: improving water quality and growing climate resilience for your community.