2NFORM Module

Project Delivery

Manage a living stormwater plan at a watershed scale

Collaborate with local and regional stakeholders to manage stormwater improvement projects as they evolve from planning to delivery

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All in one place

A single unified repository for every project.

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Essential details

Information, plans, and specs you need to deliver a project

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Big picture

Maps make it easy to see how projects fit into your watershed plans.

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Give old ideas and plans new life.

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Engage stakeholders

Draw attention to the possibilities with interactive maps and dashboards.

regional watersheds

Unlock Regional Planning Potential

A Watershed Moment

Understand your municipal stormwater plans in a regional context. 2NFORM provides the capability to aggregate data from multiple municipal agencies.  Modern information management capabilities empower the group to make informed data-driven decisions at the watershed scale.

Manage the complete portfolio of your stormwater projects

Communicate to your community

Communicate to your community

Share the living plans

Give people an interactive web map that communicates the location and pertinent details of your stormwater improvement plans. No need to hire a web designer or programmer.


Configure something special

Deploy a web application to effectively communicate your projects using Esri’s Experience Builder. Partner with your GIS department or leverage our Pro Services to get the job done fast.


Have it Your Way

Unleash your creativity for the ultimate experience. Give your web or GIS developer access to Esri’s Javascript API and a read-only link to your project portfolio.

Built into every module

MS4 compliance reporting

Mapping & GIS features

Data-driven insights

Smartphones, not clipboards

Schedule and track Work

MS4 compliance reporting

2NFORM streamlines the compilation of your MS4 annual report by summarizing the data your team has collected throughout the year into the relevant section of your permit. The software generates maps, tables and concise narratives populated with program details to summarize program progress and clean water impact of your program efforts.

2NFORM allows you to spend more time on strategic stormwater management and  less time reporting to your regulator. 

2NFORM stormwater compliance software inputs your numbers into narrative summaries for your annual reports
2NFORM Works In Tandem with ArcGIS to Unlock Endless Possibilities

ArcGIS Integration

Better together

Use ArcGIS together with 2NFORM to accelerate your journey toward less polluted waterways, less flooding, and more resilient stormwater management.


Leverage the breadth of ArcGIS products to make the most of your stormwater data. Use ArcGIS Field Maps to display and collect information. ArcGIS Dashboards let you monitor and share stormwater information. With ArcGIS Hub Premium you can inform and collaborate with stakeholders and the community. The possibilities are endless. 

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