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2NFORM is a GIS-based stormwater management software designed to help you meet the requirements of your MS4 permit, reduce local flooding, plan green infrastructure projects, and mitigate your impact on receiving waters.

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One system for all your work

Information management and compliance

The spatially explicit 2NFORM system helps you to keep track of the location and condition of your assets, facilities, and projects. Analytics and visualizations deliver insights to guide policy, investments, and operations. There is no software to manage: your data is stored securely in our cloud-based platform and accessible from anywhere, anytime. Best of all, it works seamlessly with Esri ArcGIS.

Deep control of your stormwater practices and compliance

Purpose-built for stormwater managers

MS4 compliance reporting

Mapping & GIS features

Data-driven insights and trends

Smartphones, not clipboards

Essential MS4 inspections

MS4 compliance reporting

2NFORM simplifies MS4 annual report preparation. It tracks and summarizes program activities into the MS4 permit, with automated short narratives that show progress and pollution reduction. The 2NDNATURE science provides you with quantified stormwater pollution reduction accounting to track and report the clean water impact of your program efforts.

2NFORM stormwater compliance software inputs your numbers into narrative summaries for your annual reports

Fit for purpose

A spatially explicit approach to stormwater management

Track progress towards clean water with 2NFORM’s TELR methodology. Easily understand water quality conditions and opportunities for improvement, with automatic volume and pollutant reduction estimates based on investments. Empower your stormwater management with our widely cited approach.

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2NFORM stormwater compliance software lets you see your MS4 on interactive maps built on Esri

I can feel confident that we’re using our limited resources in the most effective way possible.”

Heidi Niggemeyer

NPDES Program Manager | Salinas, CA

Learn how Heidi is using 2NFORM to save time and money, while developing a collaborative relationship with her regulator.

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Heidi Niggemeyer

Designed to accommodate your needs

Customize your solution with 2NFORM's modular system, designed to meet unique needs, priorities, and budgets. Talk to our team for a tailored approach.

2NFORM Municipal Maintenance module icon

Municipal Maintenance Module

Keep your house in order by inventorying assets and optimizing operations

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2NFORM Industrial / Commercial module icon

Industrial/ Commercial Module

Inspect, verify, enforce industrial and commercial facility compliance

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2NFORM Construction module icon

Construction Module

Manage an effective construction site run off control program

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2NFORM Post-Construction module icon

Post-Construction Module

Track essential documentation of private stormwater assets

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2NFORM Illicit Discharge module icon

Illicit Discharge Module

Track non storm-related flows in the urban landscape

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2NFORM Public Education & Outreach module icon

Public Education & Outreach Module

Make clean stormwater solutions actionable to your community

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2NFORM Structural BMP Diagnostics module icon

Structural BMP Diagnostics Module

Inventory and monitor public and private sBMPs

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2NFORM Trash module icon

Trash Compliance Module

Achieve stormwater trash reduction goals

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Project Delivery icon

Project Delivery

Create a digital portfolio of stormwater projects from concept to delivery

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Scenario Planning Module Icon 4 puzzle pieces

Scenario Planning

Model the environmental benefits of your watershed plan

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2NFORM stormwater compliance software is built on Esri

Better together


As an Esri partner, we’ve taken great care to ensure you can fully leverage your investment in ArcGIS tools and data. 2NFORM brings MS4 stormwater compliance and science capabilities to your ArcGIS, eliminating the need for you to develop and maintain complicated custom configurations and code.

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