Unlocking the Power of PDFs: 2NFORM's Enhanced Stormwater Solutions

Empowering Efficiency with 2NFORM's Enhanced PDF Capabilities

2NFORM introduces an efficient upgrade in PDF performance. Now, PDF reports are live for Structural BMP Assessments and Catch Basin Inspections, boasting an enhanced PDF formatting system that spans Industrial Commercial, Construction, and Post-Construction modules. Even Field Maps data seamlessly generates PDFs within 2NFORM!

All 2NFORM PDFs embrace streamlined layouts, featuring key attributes, results, and action items on the initial page. We’ve optimized for efficiency with printer-friendly grayscale tables, data-responsive formatting, and dynamic photo sizing, creating reports that are not just easy to read but also environmentally conscious – saving ink, paper, and time.

Enhanced Efficiency: A Glance at Key Features

  • Efficient Layout: Key content conveniently placed on the first page for quick access.
  • Printer-Friendly Design: Sleek grayscale tables for clarity without compromising print costs.
  • Streamlined Tables: Simplified layouts condense information, intelligently hiding empty fields, and reducing the number of pages.
  • Dynamic Photo Sizing: Seamless presentation with dynamic photo sizing for concise reports.

Stormwater Structural BMP Remediation Report

Bridging the Digital-Tangible Gap: Empowering Stakeholders

The release of PDF reports extends the reach of this robust digital data infrastructure to internal and external stakeholders alike. Serving as distilled and easily shareable formats, these reports encapsulate a wealth of information in a single document. Beyond simply streamlining communication, this enhances the accessibility of critical data for those not directly involved in day-to-day digital tracking within 2NFORM.

Beyond Basics: Unveiling Holistic Asset Details

The PDF reports go beyond simple results, offering a holistic view of asset details. From the key design specifications of structural BMPs to the relevant contacts for Industrial/Commercial facilities, stakeholders gain a comprehensive understanding of the asset of interest. This level of detail ensures that decision-makers have the necessary context to take action and allocate resources effectively.

Dynamic Site-Specific Insights: Action Items at Your Fingertips

At the core of stormwater management, 2NFORM’s PDF reports distill impactful results from site visits. These reports not only present easily interpretable data but, crucially, offer a roadmap of actionable insights and follow-up items. Empowering responsible parties with precision, this feature accelerates the resolution of identified issues, minimizes delays, and streamlines maintenance tasks, ultimately bolstering the efficiency of stormwater management initiatives.

Multimedia Integration: Photos, Notes, and Signatures

Adding depth to data, the PDFs integrate multimedia elements such as photos, notes, and signatures. This not only adds depth to the data but also facilitates clearer communication. Visual documentation, notes on specific observations, and digital signatures enhance the completeness and authenticity of the reports.

2NFORM: A New Era of Stormwater Management

2NFORM acts as a reliable digital source of truth for your stormwater program, seamlessly incorporating data management, compliance workflows, actionable insights, and now dynamic PDF generation, into a unified cloud-based platform. While we’re excited to introduce recent PDF enhancements, they represent just a fraction of 2NFORM’s broader digital capabilities and our steadfast commitment to providing an accessible and purpose-built data solution. Explore the value of 2NFORM today and experience a future with streamlined, efficient stormwater solutions.

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