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2Nform is a cloud stormwater management platform. Purpose-built for municipal stormwater managers, 2Nform streamlines MS4 NPDES permit compliance by benchmarking program effectiveness and reporting progress towards clean water objectives.

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Comprehensive platform for stormwater success

The 2Nform platform provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities for benchmarking best practices, managing MS4 permit requirements and stormwater assets, and reporting compliance.

City of Salinas stormwater runoff linkage to receiving waters.
Accurate delineation of urban lands draining to Carr Lake, City of Salinas California.
City of Salinas geographic context within the Salinas River Watershed.

Quick set-up connects your city to local waterways

2Nform leverages your existing GIS data to integrate the city topography with storm drain networks, linking urban landscapes to the waterways into which they drain.

Streamline structural BMP effectiveness assessments to determine maintenance urgency.
Customized easy-to-use mobile field applications.
Access historical data records any time.
Automated, meaningful results for in-the-field data QA.
Visual trash assessment collection using mobile applications so data syncs directly to the cloud.

Assessments made easy

2Nform simplifies the process of field inspections through mobile-ready rapid assessment methods. No more messy paperwork, manual data entry or subjective analysis. With minimal training, staff can collect data in the field using standardized, objective and repeatable tools. 2Nform will generate results that are reliable, actionable, and easy to understand.

Map and quantify your progress to meet urban trash reduction requirements.
Mapped distribution of where the greatest pollutant load reductions have been achieved in your city.
Understand the effectiveness of stormwater BMPs at reducing urban catchment pollutant loading to the receiving waters.
Standardized, scalable accounting of runoff reductions achieved by existing stormwater BMPs and their associated current performance.

MS4 Program effectiveness

Conceived and developed by scientists, 2Nform’s advanced analytics deliver reliable insights trusted by regulators. With the push of a button, generate an accurate accounting of your program’s pollutant reduction efforts and communicate success to your staff, management, NPDES regulator and community.

The 2Nform homepage helps you plan, execute and manage all elements of your program.
Structural BMP to-do list helps you plan upcoming assessments and identify which BMPs need maintenance.
Stormwater construction project management to-do list.

Efficient stormwater program management

Because where BMPs are implemented matters, 2Nform provides a holistic, map-centered solution to integrate your stormwater program elements around your municipality’s hydro-geography. 2Nform’s customized to-do lists and automated workflows allow managers to efficiently manage stormwater assets and minimum control measures (MCM), providing permit holders with the necessary information to demonstrate compliance quickly and accurately.

Automated summaries of your program effectiveness for specific permit requirements.
Digital annual report submission. Your regulator is alerted and your records are available in their read-only 2Nform portal.
Review and finalize data and reporting for all permit requirements in one centralized location.

Digital annual reporting

When ready, you lock your MS4 program data and 2Nform alerts your NPDES regulatory contact that your records are ready for their review. By empowering you to plan and execute your stormwater program efficiently, 2Nform minimizes the months of manual annual report compilation, allowing you and your colleagues to focus on cleaning up your local waterways.

Use your baseline stormwater runoff map to communicate where the best opportunities are to manage urban stormwater as a resource on a watershed scale.
Litter hot spot maps reflect visual trash assessment data collected to date.

Insights to strategic planning at your fingertips

With increasing pressure to implement effective MS4 programs, 2Nform planning scenarios can be run directly by the stormwater manager to evaluate the volume and pollutant reduction benefits of various alternatives. 2Nform is a standardized stormwater ROI calculator at your fingertips.

2NDNATURE turns your stormwater data into information to inform better decisions.

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