2NDNATURE for Municipal Stormwater Managers and MS4 Permittees

Purpose-built for municipal stormwater managers, 2NDNATURE is the most comprehensive platform for managing stormwater assets, benchmarking clean water program effectiveness and streamlining regulatory reporting.

Centralized Asset and Stormwater Program Management

The centralized nature of the 2NDNATURE platform removes data and organizational silos. By leveraging one source of the truth for data collection, field inspections, stormwater program management, and regulatory reporting, 2NDNATURE drives alignment and effectiveness across departments, municipalities and regulators.

Automated MS4 Reporting

By its very nature, stormwater management is a data-intensive exercise. With the push of a button, 2NDNATURE transforms MS4 program data into powerful insights for both stormwater management teams and regulators. By eliminating extensive staffing resources, paperwork and manual data entry, 2NDNATURE significantly reduces the time and cost associated with annual compliance reporting.

Demonstrate Clean Water Progress and Communicate with Regulators

2NDNATURE’s science-based analytics bolsters the evaluation of stormwater program effectiveness. Through a standardized data set, taxonomy and reporting interface, 2NDNATURE accurately quantifies progress and helps plan where future improvements will deliver the greatest environmental impact and community benefits.

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