2NFORM Trash Module


2NFORM Data Digital Transformation MS4 Compliance Structural BMP Trash

We can keep trash out of the water. Here’s how.

In just 15 minutes, learn how the 2NFORM Trash Module works and how it can benefit you and your community. Prevent trash from going into your local receiving waterways and into the oceans. Comply with your MS4 permit and the California Trash Amendments. Our software was built by stormwater managers for stormwater managers, uses Esri’s ArcGIS for interactive maps, and includes built-in analytics based on the most current peer-reviewed science.

Want to learn more?

Read an article about how one real stormwater manager is using 2NFORM to manage trash in her community: https://www.2ndnaturewater.com/blog/watsonville-zero-trash-down-the-drain/ 

Request a 2NFORM demo today: https://go.2ndnaturewater.com/request-a-demo