Empowering Efficiency with 2NFORM's Enhanced User Management Interface

Simplifying User Administration with Enhanced Insights, Filtering, and Controls

At 2NDNATURE, we’re dedicated to providing our users with cutting-edge tools to streamline their workflows. That’s why we’re especially thrilled to announce the launch of our latest update: the all-new User Management interface in 2NFORM. This enhancement offers improved insights and controls for account admins, enabling them to manage users more efficiently.

Enhanced Efficiency: A Glance at Key Features

  • Complete User Management Console – Simplify user account oversight with the centralized hub and intuitive layout.
  • Enhanced Search & Filter Capabilities – Streamline user management with efficient filtering, sorting, and searching.
  • Improved Data Controls & Module-based Access – Implement module-based controls to protect against unauthorized data access.
  • Enhanced Scalability & Resource Allocation – Allocate user seats to maximize staff efficiency and software performance.

2NFORM User Management Interface


Complete User Management Console

Our new User Management interface is designed to simplify the task of overseeing user accounts. It serves as a centralized hub for administrators, offering a straightforward platform to manage user account details, permissions, and roles efficiently. By consolidating user administration tasks in one window, it streamlines workflows, reduces errors, and saves valuable time. With its intuitive layout, navigating through user information and settings is now easier than ever before.

Enhanced Search & Filter Capabilities

Querying users has never been easier with our advanced search and filter capabilities. Administrators can swiftly filter, sort, and find users according to a range of criteria, including name, email, user role, module access, or active status. This ensures streamlined user management and simplified tracking of software usage and user permissions across all available user seats.

Improved Data Controls & Module-based Access

User management tools allow for the implementation of access controls, ensuring that only authorized users can access module data or perform specific actions within 2NFORM. This helps to protect against unauthorized data access or data editing and streamlines the end-user experience by controlling their 2NFORM experience based on their admin-defined user role and module access. 

Enhanced Scalability & Resource Allocation

Our user management tools empower administrators to view, track, and allocate available user seats according to specifically defined roles and corresponding permissions, ensuring efficient resource allocation, minimizing waste of user seats, and maximizing software performance. Our user management tools seamlessly scale with tabular views and dynamic filtering to ensure the interface remains responsive and reliable, meeting the needs of growing organizations without compromise.

Experience the Future of User Management with 2NFORM

With these enhancements, we aim to empower admins with greater control and efficiency in managing users within the 2NFORM platform. The release of our enhanced User Management interface is just one example of our commitment to providing you with a seamless and intuitive user experience. We invite you to explore the full range of features and capabilities of 2NFORM today, and discover how our platform can revolutionize your data management and user administration processes.


Thank you for choosing 2NFORM for your stormwater compliance needs. We’re excited to continue serving you with innovative solutions that drive efficiency and success for your program and community.

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