Clean Water Action: 2NDNATURE Disrupts the Rain-to-Pollution Cycle

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Excerpt from the article:

Nicole Beck, founder and CEO of 2NDNATURE, inherited her fascination with natural science from her father.

 “I think my whole entire love of nature comes from my dad, and his old-time Sonoma County family,” she says. “He’s a cowboy, and a hunter, and him and his buddies, they’re incredible. They knew every plant, every tree, every flower, every bug and animal. They were the best naturalists I’ve ever met, and not formally trained. That was what really inspired me to better understand water flow, and how it forms landscapes.”

Beck’s company, which earned a coveted spot in The Nature Conservancy’s 2019 Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, is working to get two big wins by focusing on one big problem: stormwater, the urban runoff that finds its way from highways, streets and parking lots into streams and oceans.

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