City of Salinas set to innovate as stormwater P3s gain momentum

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Excerpt from the article:

The Californian city is the latest US municipality to explore a performance-based approach to stormwater management. A long-term outsourced arrangement with the private sector will be supported by a cloud-based asset management platform.

The City of Salinas in California’s Monterey County is preparing to issue an RFQ by the end of this year for a longterm DBFO-type arrangement to manage the installation and maintenance of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).

The project will serve to accelerate the reduction of stormwater run-off and associated pollution as the City strives to meet impending total maximum daily load (TMDL) requirements in 2023 and 2024, as well as the requirements of a new federal MS4 discharge permit agreed this month.

“We have a great opportunity to incorporate green infrastructure in the City as a cost-effective means of achieving the attainment goals of our TMDLs and pollutant load reduction plan,” explained Heidi Niggemeyer, the City’s stormwater programme manager.

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