New Improvements to the Construction Module

by Michelle Tanner | 2NDNATURE Product Team

We’re excited to share that the 2NFORM Construction Module recently received several updates and improvements! Many of the refinements are a result of invaluable feedback from our users. Here’s a summary of what’s changed.

Flagging inspections for enforcement

We’ve improved how inspections are flagged for enforcement in the To-Do List. We’ve added a new question on the Submission tab in the construction site visit form titled “Flag for enforcement?”. If checked, this will add the inspection in the Open Enforcements To-Do List section. This gives you greater flexibility in deciding whether an inspection warrants enforcement or further review.

Additionally, you can clear any flagged inspections from your To-Do List with a new button. If you or your inspector flag inspections for enforcement but later decide enforcement is unnecessary, you may clear these from your To-Do List by clicking the Clear Flagged Inspections button.

Follow-up inspections

If you’re conducting a routine inspection at a construction site and notice things that need attention before your next scheduled visit, you can schedule an additional inspection on the Submission tab in the construction site visit form. Follow-up inspections only need to be scheduled if it’s an additional visit that is expected outside of your regular inspection cadence.

Once your inspection is submitted, your scheduled follow-up inspection will appear on your Inspections Due To-Do List.

To remove the follow-up inspection from your To-Do List, simply add a Follow-Up inspection type and submit the inspection. Additionally, if your follow-up inspection is overdue, but you or your inspector has completed a routine inspection during that time, this will also clear the inspection from your To-Do List.

We hope you will find these enhancements useful. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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